“Cheese Queen” Ricki Carroll’s fresh ricotta

Note: I’m posting this in reference to the previous recipe, Fresh Ricotta and Peas of Spring, but it’s a great one for any time you want fresh ricotta. Once you try a batch, and realize how easy it is to make with delicious results, it’ll be hard to go back to the packaged stuff from […]

Arugula and snap peas with fresh ricotta

Here’s a light lunch that came together quickly. Every so often I like to make fresh ricotta. It’s incredibly easy to make, the result is infinitely more delicious than the store-bought stuff, and the whey by-product is a great buttermilk substitute for baking. I use Jackie’s raw Jersey milk, but you can use pasteurized milk […]

Melange of spring roots

Turnips caught my eye as I wandered the farmer’s market this past weekend. Helen Solem of Sumas River Farm offered up these small, tender bulbs she calls Purple Tops. When this young and fresh, the still-thin skin needs only a thorough washing and maybe a light hand with a vegetable brush.   Baby spring turnips […]

Goetta — the easy way

This old family recipe post is a follow-up to ‘Generations at the Stove’on my Back Burner blog. What my mom meant by “the easy way” is that she eventually started buying ground meats. Before then, she – like Grandma and my great aunt Rose – would grind the beef and pork herself using the special […]

Fast, fresh and local: Eggs en cocotte

There are many recipes online for eggs baked in ramekins and it seemed unnecessary to add yet another. But then I noticed an important variation that’s worth pointing out. Some baked eggs are just that: eggs cracked into a dish and cooked in an oven. They can be good, especially with embellishments. The thing is, […]

Fast, fresh and local: Panini

Recipes tagged ‘fast, fresh and local’ are offered with busy family weeknights in mind. Grilled panini have become a standby at our house in recent years, especially with our teen boys and their friends. But they’re also a great option on busy weeknights. With a simple salad of mixed greens or a plate of raw […]

Roasted Asparagus in Dijon Vinaigrette with Aged Gouda shavings

The Bellingham Herald printed a little blurb on my business back in 2008 and asked me for a recipe to feature as well. It was not quite spring at the time but I was already looking forward to asparagus, so this is what I sent them in anticipation. Lucky for us, spring is here now, along […]

Saveurs de la saison

Tend your garden, visit the farmer’s market, be inspired, get into your kitchen. It’s time to enjoy the season’s best. . .