Wednesdays in Fairhaven: another farmer’s market is open

It’s June, which means we have a second opportunity every week to shop the Bellingham Farmer’s Market. Smaller than the Saturday event, but with its own charming character that fits the Village Green, it houses 25 vendors with much to offer. For example, Spring Frog Farm showcased the first of its outdoor-pick strawberries. I hadn’t realized til farmer Gretchen informed me yesterday that the berries we’d been enjoying the last couple of weeks were grown under cover. Those were still wonderfully sweet, but as my friend Michelle noted while we strolled the Green, we could really taste the sunshine in this week’s berries.

And the sun came out again in Fairhaven yesterday, at least for a while, as if to give its blessing on the market’s opening day. Besides my snack of berries, I filled two bags with sugar snap, shelling and snow peas, pea shoots, red and golden baby beets, carrots, lettuces, herbs, broccoli, rapini, and what I wistfully accept may be the last of the season’s asparagus. Thanks to Terra Verde, Rabbit Fields, Spring Frog, Broad Leaf and Sumas River farms.

Just some of the market's glorious greens.

I named this "Quatre Pois" salad for the four pea family members in my basket. The three pea types were barely blanched and refreshed, simply tossed with Holmquist hazelnut oil, fresh chopped leaves of mint and lemon balm, and garnished with shoots. Mmm--spring refreshment!


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