Organic, local strawberries: here at last

Actually, we gobbled up our first organic strawberries a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Spring Frog Farm. Crops in bulk clearly are not ripe yet, but for the last three Saturdays Gretchen’s crew has been sharing the first of the season at the farmers’ market. There’s been enough for several shoppers to hand-select a precious quart or so, a delightful prelude to the bounty of strawberries to come from many local farms later this month. 

We enjoyed these sweet gems for dessert this weekend. Hardly a recipe here, it’s really encouragement to enjoy a fresh, healthy dessert that tastes entirely of our home county.  Atop Gretchen’s berries rests a scoop of Jersey yogurt from Silver Springs (judged the best yogurt in North America, by the way), drizzled with Maple Honey from Backyard Bees. Dig in. Blissful sigh.


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