Local Heroes

Listed below are some favorite local and regional growers, fishers, producers and purveyors whose goods appear in Cuisine Claire meals as well as my own home cooking. (Click on underlined names for links to more info on these folks and their work.)

Vegetables, herbs, berries:

Terra Verde Farm, Broadleaf Farm, Springtime Farm, Rabbit Fields Farm, Spring Frog Farm@ Holistic Homestead, Joe’s Gardens, Cedarville Farm, Bow Hill Blueberries, Hedlin Farms, Ralph’s Greenhouse, Hayton Farms

Apples, Pears, Stone fruit 

Bellewood Acres, Cloud Mountain Farm, Joe’s Gardens (organic peaches, cherries, apricots grown in Eastern WA by Smallwood Orchards)

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat:

Jack Mountain Meats, Skiyou Ranch, Skagit Angus Beef, Skagit River Ranch, Umpqua Valley (Oregon), North Cascade Meats

Chicken, Turkey, Eggs:

Osprey Hill Farm (chicken, turkey, eggs), Cedarville Farm (turkey), Brittle Barn Farms, Sky Valley Farm, Misty Meadows Farm (eggs)

Fish and Seafood:

Taylor Shellfish, Lummi Island Wild,  Nerka, Carne Butcher. (And we miss you, Vis Seafood!)

Milk, Cream, Cheese and Yogurt:

Acme cheese, Ferndale Farmstead, Twin Sisters Creamery, Samish Bay Cheese, Gothberg Farms (goat cheese), Grace Harbor Farms, Silver Springs Creamery, Twin Brooks Creamery, Harmony Fields (sheep cheese), Fresh Breeze Organic, Beecher’s, Tillamook, Ring of Trees Farm

Pantry items: e.g. honey, vinegars, storage beans, spice blends, pasta, bread, etc.

Bellingham Pasta, Backyard Bees, Spice Hut, Dona Flora, BreadFarm, Avenue Bread, Bellewood Acres, Henry’s Humdingers, Bluebird Grain Farms

Markets, Groceries, Butchers

The Bellingham Farmers Market, Community Food Co-op, Skagit Valley Food Co-op, Mt. Vernon Farmer’s Market, Carne butcher shop

Cuisine Claire can also help you get the most benefit from your CSA; call or email to learn about private cooking instruction and quick home cooking consults. 

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