Eating well at home, simplified.

Update Summer 2019: Cuisine Claire suspended home meal delivery in late 2017, but continues to offer demo and hands-on classes — including one-day multi-meal prep, such as the menus archived below. (Scroll down to read comments from the many happy customers who enjoyed those menus!) I love to invite old and new clients alike into my Cuisine Claire kitchen for a morning, afternoon or full day of cooking. Please call (360-389-3731) or email ([email protected]) with questions.
To see actual past menus, click here.


Feedback from so many happy customers:

“Your food is amazing! Thanks so much…LOVE LOVE LOVE your service!”      -Danielle R.

“Stellar customer service…a blessing…the fish, delish…that pasta, yum!” –Wendy B.

“We’ve REALLY enjoyed our meals! Very healthy and muy delicioso.  Just what I was hoping for.” – John & Peggy B.

“… fabulous! I’m loving your food!” ** “Your food was delicious once again this week…loved chowder and pot roast especially ** The lasagna was amazing!**Just finished the salmon cakes and cauliflower/broccoli dish. Delicious!!!**My girlfriends loved the seafood stew!**Salmon chowder is amazing!” “So delicious and healthy!” – Diane S.

“We’re eating better and healthier, maintaining our ideal weights, and saving money on our grocery bill.”
Margaret P. 

“The food has been great!” – Carol G. 

“We have really enjoyed your meals!” – Shirley S. 

“Now your ‘Favorite Pasta’ is my family’s favorite pasta, too!” –Jeanne T.

“Yum!!! …delectable…packed with flavor!” – Nancy O.

“Really liked the braised chicken and the squash soup. It was a lot of food for me, but the extras froze fine.” – Kirk S.

“We wanted to let you know how much we loved your entrees and sides and dessert last week.  They were awesome, tasted wonderful, and we enjoyed every bit. We looked forward to trying a new dish every night…what a treat!  – Joy and Randy H.

“…wonderful…delicious…now was the perfect time to relax and be pampered with healthy meals.”              – Sherry T.

“Thank you so much for your seamless service and delicious meals…a true pleasure.” – Naomi B.

“We loved every minute of our personal chef experience.” – Pete and Linda C.

“(My family and friends) loved the meals you made and I loved the break from cooking.” -Sue R.

“…thank you again for all the amazing food in my fridge and freezer! It is pure luxury to come home and not have to think about cooking under a deadline.” – Laurie C.

“YUM!” – Jane C.           

“Yes! Really good!” – Holly H.

“The meals are great. We’re enjoying everything!”  –Dan B.

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