Eat Local Month

Throughout the year, my menus feature as many local ingredients as possible. Given that September is Eat Local Month in Whatcom County, I thought I’d highlight just how easy it is to enjoy good locally sourced food.

Whatcom and Skagit County ingredients from my September 19 menu:  organic pastured pork and beef, organic pastured eggs, hormone-free cheeses, hazelnuts and hazelnut oil, organic sweet potatoes, organic lettuces, organic cucumber, organic red peppers, organic tomatoes, organic onions, all herbs (organic), organic leeks, organic shallots, organic zucchini, organic spinach, organic chard, organic radicchio, organic arugula, organic cabbage, salmon-safe apples and apple cider vinegar, honey, organic garlic, organic Romano beans, verjus, white wine, bread (flours from Washington state), fresh, wild Alaska halibut from a Whatcom-owned fishing boat.

From my September 12 menu: organic Romano beans, organic fava beans, organic corn, organic leeks, organic zucchini, organic sweet and hot red peppers, organic cherry tomatoes, organic herbs (basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro, rosemary), organic shallots, organic onions, organic garlic, organic carrots, organic spinach, organic lettuces, organic black beans, organic pastured chicken, pastured bacon, organic potatoes, hormone-free cheeses, fresh pasta, bread (Washington flours). Fresh wild Copper River salmon from Whatcom fishing boat.  From Washington state: organic nectarines, flours, red wine vinegar

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