Meal Plan Add-Ons

Update Summer 2019: Cuisine Claire suspended home meal delivery in late 2017, but continues to offer demo and hands-on classes (including one-day multi-meal prep, such as the menus archived below). I love to invite old and new clients alike into my Cuisine Claire kitchen for a morning, afternoon or full day of cooking! Please call (360-389-3731) or email ([email protected]) with questions.
To see actual past menus, click here.


Add-ons for freezer, fridge and pantry are prepared most weeks as the regular schedule allows. Priced by the item, they are an economical way to have extra entrees, lunch soups, desserts, snacks and breakfast dishes on hand, in addition to regular meal plans.  Add-on menus change periodically and are available while supplies last. Go HERE to see what’s available to add to your plan now.

Add-ons may include items such as:

Freezer Favorites and Comforting Casseroles

e.g. Potpies made with pastured turkey or chicken, grass-fed beef or wild salmon; mac & cheese varieties; pulled pork; seasonal soups; breakfast casseroles; et al. (Gluten-free available)

Comforting mac ‘n’ cheese is a family favorite.

Soups, Stews and Chilis

Just what you want for lunch or a simple dinner, rounded out with a salad and good bread, perhaps. Cuisine Claire almost always has several selections in various size containers, with and without meat.


e.g. Summertime Peach-Blueberry or Autumn Apple Crisp, featuring locally grown fruit, topped with a crunchy-sweet mix of whole grain flour, oats, brown sugar, butter and Holmquist hazelnuts or walnuts

Breakfast Fare

e.g. Cuisine Claire Homemade granola – packed with nuts, seeds and dried berries; gluten-free and nut-free available;  breakfast wraps – great for busy mornings, made with locally pastured organic eggs, bacon or sausage, cheese, potatoes, salsa, wrapped in a thin wheat tortilla; hearty stratas and breakfast casseroles to feed a crowd.

Simmering Sauces, Marinades and Dips

e.g. Romesco, Mediterranean Salsa Verde, Muhammara, Salsa Mole, et al.

Sweet and Savory Treats

e.g. Freshly baked cookies, or frozen cookie balls and icebox cookie rolls, ready to bake at home; savory cocktail shortbreads, freshly baked or icebox rolls to slice & bake; Cuisine Claire cocktail nuts; et al. Great to have on hand for easy entertaining.

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