Le Petit Menu

Le Petit Menu: This plan is offered with singles and seniors in mind. Enjoy the same delicious dishes in the Regular Plan, but in slightly smaller quantities. Singles find there is plenty for three dinners plus leftovers for lunches. For senior couples, or perhaps an adult and school-age child, serving sizes allow for three complete dinners with possible leftovers. You might mix and match the main dishes and sides to suit your household and schedule. Some items will be freezer-friendly (and may even be delivered frozen), to give you more flexibility in meal planning.

All packaging is recyclable, reusable and/or compostable and meals come with clear instructions for storing, reheating and serving. High quality ingredients are organic, seasonal and mostly sourced from local farmers and purveyors.

Update December 2017: Cuisine Claire has suspended home/office meal delivery, but is offering in-home personal chef services and hands-on classes in the Cuisine Claire kitchen. Please call or email to inquire.

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SAVE WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE. (And consider Add-Ons to have on hand in your freezer.)

Please call (360-389-3731) or email (chef@cuisineclaire.com) if you have questions.

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