Regular Plan

Update Summer 2019: Cuisine Claire suspended home meal delivery in late 2017, but continues to offer demo and hands-on classes (including one-day multi-meal prep, such as the menus archived below). I love to invite old and new clients alike into my Cuisine Claire kitchen for a morning, afternoon or full day of cooking! Please email ([email protected]) with questions.
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The Regular Plan is generally three entrées, each with a compatible side(s); sometimes a soup may replace a side to make an additional light meal and sometimes there may be a dessert or snack. This plan typically serves three to four small-to-moderate appetites (two adults plus one or two children) or two hearty adult appetites with leftovers for lunches. You might mix and match the main dishes and sides to suit your household and schedule. Some items will be freezer-friendly (and may even be delivered frozen), to give you more flexibility in meal planning. Want more meals on hand for some weeks, or plan to serve a larger group? Select from Cuisine Claire Add-ons, or consider an additional Petit Plan of the same menu. All packaging is recyclable, reusable and/or compostable and meals come with clear instructions for storing, reheating and serving. High quality ingredients are organic, seasonal and mostly sourced from local farmers and purveyors.

Crab cakes in a pan.

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