Eating well at home, simplified.

A new menu every week. Two meal plan sizes.  Local, organic and seasonal ingredients. And enough delicious diversity to please many appetites.  You might think of it as your weekly CSA box whose contents have already been transformed into several tasty, nourishing meals — and then delivered to your home or office. THIS is your […]

Past Menus


Menus will always showcase organic and otherwise sustainably grown/produced ingredients, primarily from Whatcom and Skagit counties, as well as other Puget Sound/Northwest sources on occasion — typically including some of  these favorite farmers, fishers and purveyors.  Read these comments from happy clients, then check out the menus posted below and imagine having such delicious meals delivered […]

Meal Plan Add-Ons

Add-ons for freezer, fridge and pantry are prepared most weeks as the regular schedule allows. Priced by the item, they are an economical way to have extra entrees, lunch soups, desserts, snacks and breakfast dishes on hand, in addition to regular meal plans.  Add-on menus change periodically and are available while supplies last. Go HERE […]