Regular Plan

The Regular Plan is generally three entrées, each with a compatible side(s); sometimes a soup may replace a side to make an additional light meal and sometimes there may be a dessert or snack. This plan typically serves three to four small-to-moderate appetites (two adults plus one or two children) or two hearty adult appetites with leftovers […]

Le Petit Menu

Le Petit Menu: This plan is offered with singles and seniors in mind. Enjoy the same delicious dishes in the Regular Plan, but in slightly smaller quantities. Singles find there is plenty for three dinners plus leftovers for lunches. For senior couples, or perhaps an adult and school-age child, serving sizes allow for three complete dinners with possible leftovers. You might mix and […]


Add-ons for freezer, fridge and pantry are prepared most weeks as the regular schedule allows. Priced by the item, they are an economical way to have extra entrees, lunch soups, desserts, snacks and breakfast dishes on hand, in addition to meal plans. Also offered are simmering sauces, compound butters etc. for easy, delicious embellishments to pasta […]